Our Team

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    Jason Miller
    With entrepreneurial success in the IT field, Jason started a business stemming from his passion for automotive performance. Jason is detail oriented and is skillful with automotive modification. He is the drive behind taking a build from impressive – to something custom and exceptional. When he is not working on cars or delivering IT solutions to the federal government, he spends time with his Fiance and their seven children. 
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    Kiely Mackey
    Lead Technician
    Kiely has been in the automotive industry since long before his 18th birthday. Doing everything from old car restoration to wheel repair. He has gathered skills along the way to round out his abilities. Most noteworthy are his personal cars he has built over the years for drifting, which to some extent has made him a bit of a local automotive celebrity. He can perform installs, wiring, fabrication, swaps, lifts, and more on vehicles from the 30s to modern day vehicles.
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    Riley Delawder
    Riley is the newest member to Miller Speed and Performance. She is certainly no stranger to the automotive industry. She is the communication with customers, and a diligent performer in the shop, including the TIG welding process and fabrication. Riley started at a dealership and quickly moved into after market performance. In addition to her sole responsibilities, Riley is a swiss army knife in the shop and can tackle anything she puts her mind to! When she is not at work, you are more likely to find her prepping for the next drift event…