Kiely’s 2JZ S15 build

Kiely built this magazine quality car to prove that you don’t need a monster budget to have both excellent performance and good looking car. With careful part selection and time he was able to put together this S15 and make decent power numbers without breaking the bank.

Here’s a simple list of some of the modifications done to the car:

JDM VVTI 2JZ swap from an aristo

18in Work Meister s1 wheels

BC racing coilovers

Borg s366 turbo


Dual rear brake calipers – for a dedicated and independent hydraulic handbrake

Rear over fenders

and countless detail and performance upgrades throughout the rest of the chassis.

The car made a bit over 600 wheel horsepower all said and done.

More detail will be added to this post in the future.

Kiely’s 2JZ S15 build
Shelby Series 2 Supercharged LS Wiring!