Shelby Series 2 Supercharged LS Wiring!

This is a car you don’t see everyday! This Shelby series 2 is being built by hand by another shop and they decided to throw an LS3 in it, complete with a blower from Magnuson. As they are accustomed to working with carbureted engines and not EFI systems, they reached out for a bit of help with the wiring and the fuel system.

These are production / show quality vehicles and like the LSA 350z, are expected to see some serious track use in the future. As such, this LS3 also received a mechanical throttle body and everything needed to convert it.

I’ve attached some photos of the car just because it’s fascinating. To be fair to them I just want to remind you that we were only responsible for the engine wiring.

Kiely’s 2JZ S15 build
TJ’s LS2 240sx Drift Build